West Lothian Council Ranger Service have a fantastic family engagement initiative that gets pulled out every summer – the “Wild Wednesday”. This initiative is in a different location each week throughout summer and has nature themed activities and stalls for people to enjoy. We have attended three of these events throughout summer with our stall of river themed fun!

These activities are aimed at young people – the summer holidays can drag on if you don’t have events to keep yourself entertained! People came to our tent to find (among other things) arts and crafts of river animals, invertebrates from their local river near the event – which could be used for a game of bingo! – and some potting of our Aspen trees for families to take home.

These stall days are excellent ways for the RiverLife team to talk to people about the project and about how they value their local rivers. People from the community would tell us about how they value the work done on the barriers that they walk past regularly; and how they had no idea there was so much life in their rivers! Wild Wednesday’s are also a great opportunity for us to see familiar faces who attend each year so they can experience the different activities put on every time. These evets are now over for the summer but keep your eyes on our website to see where we will pop up with our stall next!