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The project has been mooching about some of the Almond’s wee burns of late. 

Burn’s day (25th Jan) fell on a Saturday this year and so we thought it was the ideal opportunity to pay homage to some lesser loved burns. Two of our young community leader, Aimee-leigh and Finlay decided to run a litter pick each in their home towns – so we headed along to Whitburn’s White Burn and Armadale’s Barbauchlaw Burn. Even in these tiny burns and their banks we found 100+ bags of trash. David will have more on this later.

Meanwhile, Chris, a volunteer and board member of the Trust’s sister organisation (Forth District Salmon Fishery Board) – a keen angler and a geologist – volunteered to run a walk exploring what geology was on show in Polbeth. There’s some great banks of the Harburn Water (between Polbeth and West Calder) where the river has cut meters down into the bank and exposed all of the hidden geological layers below the soil. Chris, kindly talked the 8 wanders who had turned up and a cold drizzly Sunday, about which layers were limestone and which were the oil shale strata. 

While we were out and about we saw a pollution incident in 2 wee burns that ran in to the Harwood Water, you can see how this has made the water not clear, sort of milky in colour. While we were walking back downsteam then you could see where these entered the river and the pollution (probably soil or hardstand run off from a farm) took a while to mix into the rest of the river.