A few of the team popped along today to the wonderfully accommodating Almondell & Calderwood Country Park, who having shared their river pollution issues with us a while back, are now in receipt of Annie Lord’s new artwork.

Made up of a selection of a few of the 1000+ pieces of rubbish from the river. The piece invokes the deep blue of water, of the river, with the natural flow of the vegetation and leaf litter that falls from the shading trees. However, the closer you lean in to the piece the more something become is a miss, the flowing pond weed is in fact wet wipes, strewn in to the river by the local sewage works, the golden leaves suddenly reveal themselves to be bits of lager can and the twigs are a concoction of entwined electrical wire and fishing line. Weirder items expose themselves still, the lattice work of a discarded, and degraded with time, rubber door mat. All these being items that have been thrown on to river banks, subsequently washed in to the river or thrown in by those choosing not to worry about the consequences.

The work is on show at the toilet block at the park’s visitor centre, where we hope it will be seen by 25,000+ people a year who visit the parks visitor centre. We’re hoping its now located conveniently in place where it may encourage people to think about what they put down the loo in the future.