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This striking wintery image of the frozen Limefield Falls was one of three photos kindly sent to us (artists Minty Donald and Nick Millar) by Alex Kinsman, one of the people taking part in a reminiscence workshop at Polbeth Harwood Parish Church. Fuelled by some tasty homemade soup (made by members of the congregation) about twenty people shared their memories and stories of Limefield Falls, Limefield House and gardens, the Harwood Water, the park and other Polbeth locations. We heard stories of sledging by the Falls in winter and, in summer, swimming, picnicking and paddling in the small pool that was once a popular feature of the park. One person remembered that he and his friends found a car seat, which they used to slide down the steep banks of the river. It ended up, he told us a little shame-facedly, in the Harwood. People told me about the footbridge that crossed Harwood Water, providing easy access to the bowling green, tennis courts and putting green. Others reminisced about the garden of Limefield House, which was open to the public, and in which there were ornamental trees and a hut that represented David Livingstone’s dwelling in Africa. The group all agreed that the Falls, the gardens, the park and surrounding area had been, for them, a very important area for recreation and leisure. Some people felt that there was real potential for the area around the Falls, Limefield House and Harwood Water to play a similar role in the future.

The reminiscence workshop was part of our year-long project with Forth Rivers Trust, which hinges around the construction of a new fish pass and viewing platform at the historic Limefield Falls, Polbeth. We are holding a number of workshops and events where we hope to learn about Polbeth – today, in the past, and in the future – from people who live or lived in Polbeth. If you’d like to take part, tell us a story about Polbeth, take us on a walk of the area, or  just contact us, you can visit the ‘Our Falls’ facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Our-Falls-333488090881301/ or send an email to minty.donald@glasgow.ac.uk.