Project Package Grant

This grant is designed to give communities a package of either physical work or a film made. It’s great for small groups, as it is a complete package paid for by us and we support you to work with our staff or contractors. Projects packages have delivered things such as tree planting or youth work projects captured on film.


There is a short application form that ask you to describe the project you want and the resources you’ll need. On receipt of this one of our project officers will give you a call to talk through what you’ll need and work out costs. The application will then be assessed as to whether it meets the core aims of the RiverLife project. You’ll be informed within 2 weeks of submitting your application.


Reporting is simple, we’ll help you to submit a small form that says the amount of people involved and what the outcome of the work means for your group. We’ll also ask you to write a short blog for the website with lots of photos or sharing your film.


You have 4 months in which to carry out your activity and staff will be on hand to support you with making sure you get the stuff you’ll need for reporting.

Want to apply?

Contact the team via email or call on 0131 445 1527 to get the application form and you’ll also be given the name of your project officer that will be your main go-to person during the process and to the end.