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Like many others, we (Minty Donald and Nick Millar) are trying to find ways continue our work during these strange and uncertain times and to stay in contact with the communities we’ve been working with. We are very keen to keep the ‘Our’ Falls project alive during this period of lockdown, but clearly without any direct contact! With this aim, we are collaborating with graphic designer Neil McGuire to design some signs for Polbeth that will incorporate some of the material about Polbeth that we have already gathered through workshops, meetings and research. Since the face-to-face workshops that we had planned can’t take place, we are inviting people who live or work in Polbeth now, or who have done so in the past, to contribute to the information on these signs through a digital map or by contacting us. We will circulate the map and contact details in the near future. We would especially like people to share with us any local or personal names for paths, landscape features and other things in Polbeth. For instance, did you have a name for any of the places you played as a child, if you grew up in Polbeth? We’d like to hear about spaces that people regularly visit in Polbeth, or features that they particularly like. We’d like to hear about things that are no longer there. The signs are planned for three locations: a site near to the Scotmid store, the entrance to the park, and Limefield Falls. We also plan to tie in the design of these signs with another new sign that will direct people to the Community Hub.

The signs will contain maps and an information board. Errin Anderson, manager of Polbeth Community Hub, is the main driver behind this initiative and he will be sharing our ideas as soon as we have the outline designs developed.