Gap Filler Grant

This grant is designed to specifically support groups that need an additional funding source to access a larger pot of funding. We’ll be back up for 10-30% of the total funding so you can deliver something great.


The application form is simple, it asks for the other source of funding, a copy of your application to that grant provider and your permission to contact them. We will then ask for a chat either in person or over the phone to chat through the progress plan for your main application.


Reporting is simple, we ask to you to share photos through out the course of the delivery via social media and 4 monthly update on your project which we can share on our website.


Delivery is based on the conditions of the other grant provider. If your project continues out with the life of the RiverLife project (due to end in June 2020) then we would ask for you to report to use by May 2020 to help tie things together.

Want to apply?

Contact the team via email or call on 0131 445 1527 to get the application form.