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The sun shone down on us for the last in our series of Explorer Walks. Artists Morvern Odling and Annie Lord led the group through a series of creative exercises. The autumnal hues in the landscape provided a rich source of inspiration and reminded us that the whole river ecosystem is in a constant state of flux and change. Before we began our walk we took a moment to engage in a mindfulness exercise. We shifted our attention to our senses, noticing the sounds of crisp leaves falling and breathing in the scent of the woodland floor. 

We walked to see the new bypass channel where Nim Kibbler from Forth Rivers Trust spent time with the group, explaining how the structure worked and the reasons behind its installation. While the group gathered on the bridge to draw the bypass channel Nim scrambled over rocks to obtain an oxygen reading from the river. 

Back inside the group filled their notebooks with observations, drawings and swatches of natural inks made from leaves, elderberries and flowers. The group made beautiful Cyanotypes which showed how the natural environment interacts with the newly installed fish pass. 

The artwork produced by participants in this walk will go on to influence the next set of workshops in this project. The final result will be a series of public artworks which celebrate the fish passes on the River Almond. We hope you can join us on the next workshop.