On a drizzly October day a group gathered for the second Explorer Walk on the River Almond.
Artists Morvern Odling and Annie Lord led the session with Jack from Forth Rivers Trust
providing his knowledge and enthusiasm about the recently completed Howden Rock Ramp.
The rain held out just long enough for us to take a meandering walk along the riverbank,
stopping along the way to gather, draw and observe what was around us. Looking out over
Howden rock ramp, Jack gave us an insight into how this impressive structure was built and the
hopes and aims behind it. Using sheets of acetate to draw on we concentrated on how the
water moved around and over the boulders, observing how the rocks created pools of water of
different sizes – just the right thing for a fish to rest in as it gathers strength to continue its
journey upstream.
After warming up back at Craig’s Farm the group spent time on creative activities, expanding on
the sights we had seen in the morning. A rich body of work is emerging through the Explorer
Walks. Keep an eye out for news about future workshops exploring the fish passes on the River