You might have heard us mention a few times about our Craigshill volunteers. These guys are our group of a few dedicated volunteers who have signed on to the idea of regular monthly volunteering in their local area. This was formed through a partnership with Craigsfarm Community Hub who had a group of volunteers that were looking for more practical outdoor and environmental work. We were more than happy to provide a programme of activities that would benefit the river and peoples access to it whilst getting volunteers out and about! 

So far we have tackled a section of banking that has been heavily eroded, by putting in willow pegs – these are little section of cut live willow that, when stuck into the banking, are encouraged to re-root into new willow trees. We have also done a litter pick, sown wildflower and grass seed and large tree cuttings, and finally, we have built some new steps to help passage over a small tributary to the Almond! 


Our dedicated volunteers have been in the battle now for a few months and have admittedly been rained off a few times! However, the format of scheduled monthly volunteering has been successful for volunteers who want to regularly go out into their local environment at a time that works for them. If they miss one session, they know there is another in a month that they can go to instead! We are considering doing a few more of these types of volunteering programmes in other areas of the Almond and Avon.

Thank you to all our volunteers who have given their time so far and we look forward to seeing you again in the months to come! For anyone who lives near Craigshill and feels like making a difference to their local river, come along to our next Thursday session and get involved!