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Your Community and your River

The RiverLife project has a community focus across many of its activities, from engagement with local school children to helping groups practically support their local river via green-bank projects or clean ups. The project team is happy to tailor events for community groups, see below for ideas of what might work for your group.

Talks – We’ve done talks for faith groups, schools, local clubs and community gardens. These have ranged in subject from talks about the local river wildlife, local heritage and changes to the river over the years. Click below to discuss a talk you feel that your group might enjoy.

Walks – Our team and volunteers are happy to do informative and fun walks for groups, this can be a short wander down to the local river or a longer walk that looks at specific subjects, such as built heritage along our waterways. We also have an array of monthly guided walks and cycles that anyone is welcome to join. You can browse the routes for some of our previous guided activities here, or click below to chat with us about the potential for a group walk.

Workshops – We’re happy to do workshops for local groups, in the past these have ranged from getting involved in citizen science projects, such as testing your local river’s water quality, and looking for local non-native invasive plants. Click below to get in touch about a workshop that your group might enjoy.

Community Grants are available for all!

The RiverLife project wants to support local groups and people to deliver a wide range of benefits, these are the core aims of our project. We want the grants to be easy to apply for and accessible for all community groups. There are 4 types of grants on offer, which increase in effort required for application corresponding to the amount of funding that is available.

Action on the Ground Grant - Up to £500

Small grants available to groups, you don’t have to be formerly affiliated as community group or have group bank account. These grants are designed to give you and members of the community the power to make or change something for the better. Approval is quick and reporting on use of the grant is simple.

Project Package Grant - up to £1000

These grants are aimed at formalised community groups or organisations that specifically want to improve their local environment or to capture a project or community day by film. We supply staff or contractors to help you achieve what you want from the project, this is perfect for smaller community groups that can find resourcing skilled help time consuming.

Own Project Grant - up to £1000

These grants are aimed at formalised community groups or organisations that want to complete a project in connection with our core aims of the project (see page 2). Approval is based on how well the core aims are met, with support offered via the project staff to achieve funding for all or part of the project you design.

Gap Filler Grant - up to £5000

These grants are aimed at formalised community groups or organisations that are seeking match funding or 10-30% funding to be able to apply for other funding opportunities. Approval is based on the core aims of the project.

To find out more or apply for a grant, email us at riverlife@forthriverstrust.org or call us at the office on 0131 445 1527