Welcoming Back Our Fish

A Bathgate Community Art Project


A celebration of wildlife and the area’s potential for better biodiversity during the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020-2021.

What’s it all about?

This community art project seeks to involve those living in and around Bathgate to be part of creating a number of beautiful fish sculptures. Everyone is invited to create a number of fish scales, made from recycled materials from the home recycling bucket. Then by sending these back to us, they’ll be joined together to make a number of fish.

These fish will then travel through Bathgate, coming to public events that hopefully happen in 2021 and go on temporary exhibition in a number of places. These fish will represent the hopes for a Bathgate that is welcoming to the wildlife and biodiversity that will hopefully return, as a result of restoration works.

How to get involved?

We invite everyone to get involved!

We hope to have enough to create 1 big and some smaller fish. So make as many scales as you wish, we’ll be happy to receive them all. But we recommend making at least 2-3 each, so you can play with crafting techniques and enjoy the process.

Download the digital pack below, this includes the template and a return envelope.

Annie, the Artist, provides some guidance on a number of techniques in the video below.

Fish Scale Crafting Pack

We have a number of packs to give away for those who would like to have materials at home or don’t have access to a printer to print the digital pack (link given above). These include:

  • A template
  • Return envelope
  • 2x oil pastels
  • 1x marker pen
  • A leaflet about the project
  • All in one of our lovely limited edition fish scale canvas bags