Bathgate Walking Trails

Explore some of Bathgate’s natural spaces with RiverLife’s walking trails. Click on the walks below to see the full trail and photos on Komoot.

A short walk that starts on the Bog Burn by Morrison’s car park in the centre of Bathgate.

  1. The walk heads across a bridge over the burn and over the meadow on the south side of the burn, before entering mixed woodland and recrossing the burn. The path continues past the confluence of Bog Burn and Boghead Burn.
  2. Soon the trail turns left off the main path through some young woodland, and eventually emerges on the north side of the Wester Inch SUDS (sustainable urban drainage systems) ponds. Depending on the time of year, in the ponds you might see mute swans, mallards, coots or moorhens. In the trees nearby and around the water you could see herons, woodpeckers, grey squirrels, and if you’re lucky you might get a glimpse of a roe deer, especially in the early morning or at dusk.
  3. At the far side of the ponds the trail leads along the bog burn to the earth sculpture The Bathgate Face, a public artwork created by artist Lumir Soukup in 1998. By taking facial measurements of 1200 Bathgate residents, Soukup created an average face profile which the artwork was then modelled on.
  4. The trail returns to the ponds, and follow the path around them, with a quick detour out onto a mini peninsula to a good birdwatching spot. On the south side of the ponds the trail passes part of the In Full Bloom public artworks created my Martin Heron in 2010. This part is three large daisy sculptures right by the ponds. There are three other flower sculptures around Bathgate that were created at the same time.
  5. The trail then returns along the west side of the ponds to the outward path. Following the path back down to the Bog Burn, and then keep on the north side through the land that used to adjoin the Balbardie Steelworks.
  6. The trail finishes back where it started on the Bog Burn by Morrisons. The walk can be extended by heading further downstream on the Bog Burn across Whitburn Road.