The Bathgate Water Restoration Project

The Bathgate Water Restoration Project was initially conceived of in 2015, as part of the beginning works of the RiverLife project. It had initially been hoped that the restoration works would hit the ground before the end of 2020. However, the complexity of the land and confines of the proposed space meant that the project got stuck at the planning permission stage.

The project is moving onward, despite difficulties, with the plan now to produce a ‘Masterplan’ for the restoration works which should be complete by 2021. We hope that this plan will take into account the community’s needs and wants, while also improving water quality of the rivers and potential for biodiversity. Read on to find out why we want to improve the burns in Bathgate.

Community Survey

During October and into November we’ll be conducting the first part of the community consultation on the project, please take the time to give your views. We want to understand how you use space and what opportunities you see for the area’s improvement.

Bathgate Walking Trails

Explore some of Bathgate’s natural spaces with RiverLife’s walking trails

What’s the purpose of the project?

There are several different aims for the project, these are:

– better connected habitats for wildlife

– improve routes for walking and cycling

– making the space safer, more welcoming and fun to play in

– create more natural-like river routes

– increasing the amount and more kinds of habitat for wildlife

– improve the water quality of the River Avon, which the Boghead and Bog Burn flow into


Why change the area?

The area of land and the river sections within the proposed area have seen various past industrial uses (car factory, steel foundry, coal mine and colliery and chemical works) and has changed considerably over last 100 years, much now becoming housing or left derelict. The area has existing features and facilities, such as:

– the land art work ‘The Face’

– the national cycle route number 75

– surface water retention ponds (SuDs)

– flood lagoons

– some formal footpaths

– woodlands

– some street furniture such as benches and signage

The project provides the opportunity to improve on these existing features, while also creating a space that offers more to our wildlife and the people who live in and visit Bathgate.