RiverLife: Three Sites on the Almond - A Brass Rubbing Trail

You can find the three different sculptures along the northern bank of the river Almond in Livingston (West Lothian).

In the designs of each of the three sculptures you can see a small fraction of the rich flora and fauna that are found on and in the river Almond – from flat-bodied mayfly larvae, grasses and ferns, stickleback, brown trout, herons and cormorant. The designs for the sculptures were created by weaving together drawings and cyanotypes made by local residents who came to the workshops.

You can take away your own artwork by bringing along paper and crayons and using the brass panels on each sculpture to create a rubbing. The simplest method is to place a piece of paper over the panel and use a soft pencil or hard crayon to rub over the surface until the image appears on the page. Keep the paper as still as you can to achieve a good, crisp image. The design on each sculpture joins together to form a complete image so you can do a brass rubbing at all three sites to create the full picture! You can share photos of your artwork on social media by using the hashtag #riverlife.

Our hope for the future is a clean and healthy river Almond. A vibrant ecosystem with humans and wildlife existing in harmony.

Kirkton Weir Brass Rubbing

Howden Bridge Weir Brass Rubbing

Craigshill Bypass Channel Brass Rubbing