RiverLife: Almond & Avon

Dynamic Rivers Day Out

The RiverLife River Table made an appearance at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers National Conference on the 27th of October. Amy and Jonathan went along to impart some Dynamic Rivers wisdom to the teachers (and let them have a shot on the River Table!)....

Aspen project launch

RiverLife have teamed up with Eadha Enterprises, a social enterprise focusing on rare native trees, to deliver an aspen project based in the Almond and Avon catchments.  Aspen supports more biodiversity than any other native tree and, while it is widespread across the...


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As part of this project we are keen to build up a picture of how people engage with their local river and what their perceptions are of it. To do this we have created a short, online survey which we hope you can spare a few minutes to complete.


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