RiverLife: Almond & Avon

Foraging – walking, gathering, eating.

(The ante has certainly been upped!). A big thank you to Szymon, biologist, forager and educator in wild plants for his fantastic foraging guided walk. Not only did we get to walk in the lovely Almondell and Calderwood country park, we also got to learn to identify...

Bathgate litter pick

With bin bags and litter pickers in hand, David and I met with 5 volunteers by Bathgate’s Bog burn yesterday.  We had a refreshing mix of volunteers – including enthusiastic members of the community, community council members, an angler and a local councillor. The...

Craigshill Conservation Volunteers

You might have heard us mention a few times about our Craigshill volunteers. These guys are our group of a few dedicated volunteers who have signed on to the idea of regular monthly volunteering in their local area. This was formed through a partnership with...

Beasties in and along our rivers

I marvel at how resilient nature is at times. This has recently been demonstrated a few times by some of the invertebrates on the river Almond system. Iain has been out and about on both the Almond and Avon recently doing the ecological surveying for the RiverLife...

What’s lurking in your river?

As the environmental larger works happen in the mid and lower catchment of the Almond, we tend to spend more time around these parts and less up in the upper catchment. We’re trying to do things a bit different and have the second round of our RiverRubbish project up...


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As part of this project we are keen to build up a picture of how people engage with their local river and what their perceptions are of it. To do this we have created a short, online survey which we hope you can spare a few minutes to complete.


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