First steps at Fair-a-far, Cramond

First steps at Fair-a-far, Cramond

The first steps have been taken to replace the fish pass at Fair-a-far weir in Cramond. With the contractor (Green Cat) mobilising on Monday 7th August, they were keen to get into the water and get started straight away.

The works compound has been constructed at the far end of Caddell’s Row car park and a new access road is currently being constructed across the River Almond so the contractors can secure a safe working zone on the north side of the river.

The plan is to have this access road span the entire width of the river and steel culverts will maintain the flow of the Almond at this point. Once across the river, the road will then travel along the north bank, approaching the fish pass from downstream. A safe working zone will be created by building a temporary dam upstream of the pass, forcing the flow over the middle of Cramond Falls.

It is expected this work to take up to 16 weeks to complete with a opening ceremony planned before the end of the year.

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