Upper Avon Enhancement Project

Upper Avon Enhancement Project

The River Avon rises in the Slamannan Plateau and flows in a general north-easterly direction through Linlithgow, discharging into the Firth of Forth at Grangemouth.  Historically, the Avon has had populations of salmon but as with many tributaries to the River Forth these populations are beginning to dwindle.

Urban development and the intensification of agricultural practice have damaged the river and have reduced the availability & quality of the habitat in the main river & its tributaries which were previously identified as productive reproductive areas.

As part of the RiverLife: Almond & Avon project we will be working with Slamannan Angling & Protective Association, local land owners and other users to improve the upper Avon which will have a positive impact on the river as a whole. Bank stabilisation, riparian tree planting, and control of invasive non-native species will re-naturalise the Avon, increasing important native species of plants and animals.


For more information on the work carried out on the Upper Avon to date. please visit Slamannan Angling & Protective Association

June 13, 2017