Almond/Avon Invasive Non-Native Species

Almond/Avon Invasive Non-Native Species

The Trust has been running a strategic catchment based Invasive Non Native Species (INNS) control programme (Forth Invasive Non Native Species Programme) since December 2012.

The programme is based on a sustainable approach to control using local trained volunteers who use equipment and herbicide provided by the Trust to control species such as giant hogweed, Himalayan balsam, American skunk cabbage, Japanese knotweed, American mink and signal crayfish.

Significant inroads have been made to the control of INNS on both the Almond and the Avon.  To continue this, the Trust needs to be able to coordinate the strategy and support the volunteers.  This involves:

  • Undertaking and coordinating surveys to monitor growth
  • Liaising with local volunteer groups
  • Maintaining equipment and distributing as required
  • Purchasing and distributing herbicide
  • Updating of data on websites
  • Continuing to attend events and raise awareness of the issue
  • Providing training for new recruits
  • Undertaking habitat restoration works where INNS have been removed
  • Undertaking continued professional development including attending and holding best practice events.


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June 1, 2017