Bathgate Water Restoration

The Boghead Burn, Couston Water, Logie Water and the Bogburn make up the Bathgate Water which is a tributary of the River Avon.

The Boghead Burn (which runs through the middle of Bathgate) requires improvement works to bring it up to a suitable standard for wildlife and people.

Starting with rerouting the stream, the Trust will look to improve the whole area of Meadow Park between Glasgow Road and Whitburn Road. After the river has been returned to a more natural shape and flow, paths and cycleways will be developed with the help of local community groups. Once landscaping has been completed, interpretation and artwork will complete the works and open up a whole new urban park area for generations to come. Training and volunteering opportunities will be open for all in the hope that new community groups will be established to maintain and improve the area in future.

The Plan

  • Bankside habitat improvements in the riparian zone along the edge of the river
  • In-stream river restoration to improve the river for wildlife
  • Tree planting
  • Improvement to paths/cycleway
  • Information boards and signage to engage the community
  • Raising awareness events and stakeholder meetings
  • Training and equipment for volunteers

Meadow Park - BEFORE


Click the links below for detailed sketches of the proposed plans for the Bathgate Water Restoration Project.

Meadow Park Zone 1

Meadow Park Zone 2

June 12, 2017